How A Simple Skill and A Laptop Changed My Life And Put Me On The Path To Wealth

Written by Adrian Uwolloh 

Lagos | July 9th, 2019 | 5 mins read

I was sitting in a beautiful restaurant the other day, enjoying a plate of hot pizza.

My phone buzzed with the familiar sound of another alert, one of the many that come in from the clients I work with in my business.

I smiled to myself. It was a sweet life.

I go out when I want. I work on my own time and with the kind of people that I want…

No Boss, no offices, no annoying co-workers, and not to mention the delicious bank alerts that I receive regularly.

I was finally free to live life like a boss, and life was good.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Not up to 3 years ago, I was still living in my parents’ house…

Broke as a church rat…

Begging for my monthly allowance of N15,000…

Trying my hand out at numerous business that all failed…

And let’s not forget all the wasted savings and capital I invested.

What changed? How did my life turn around? How did I start laughing at MONEY WORRIES?

Well in truth, it was all thanks to 3 things.

One of them was a SIMPLE SKILL I acquired.

The second thing one was my faithful LAPTOP computer.

And the last, but definitely not the least was a DELICIOUS BUSINESS MODEL I discovered called  FREELANCING.

Freelancing is a kind of business that deals with the rendering of skills and services to various clients or businesses and getting paid well for it.

It is mostly done online nowadays but some people do it offline too.

Not many Nigerians know about Freelancing though, and it is a shame because it is something that almost anyone who is serious can do to earn a good income.

And it does not require any kind of large capital, or office space or any fancy bells and jingles to get started.

Now freelancing when done properly, is a full-time business, that can provide you with a good extra source of income.

It is a proper business, and like any proper business, there need to be 2 things.

  1. Something to sell 
  2. Somebody to buy that thing you are selling.

In the case of Freelancing what you are selling is a SKILL. A hot, in-demand, marketable skill.

And the person who is buying that skill is the client or company.

Obviously having a skill is requirement NO. 1 to become a freelancer. 

And with a quick google search, you can have a skill at the tips of your fingers, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The second thing you will need for this business is a laptop, and the final thing you need is an internet connection.

As you can see, this business is not for someone who is not computer literate and who cannot perform a simple search on google.

But if you have all these, then read on because Freelancing might just be for you.

That reminds me, where are my manners? I haven’t even introduced myself yet.

My name is Adrian Uwolloh, a regular everyday Nigerian guy and I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am a full-time freelancer, a small-time online entrepreneur and also currently in my final year studying Architecture in Unilag…

That’s me there in the picture in case you missed it earlier.

Like I said before, freelancing is a lucrative and simple business opportunity that does not require big capital to start or maintain.

And in this short article I am going to show you how exactly I got started with it, and…

How I was able to build it into a full business with over a Hundred different clients, and regular revenues worth over N250,000.

But First Of All… A Disclaimer

Even though this particular freelancing business has saved MY butt so many times when I needed money to pay rent or buy a new phone or travel…

And even completely paid for my new car and all the repairs that came with it.

I am not guaranteeing that it will do the same for you.

Please understand that my results which I’m sharing with you are not typical. 

I’m not implying that you’ll duplicate them, or that what I am telling you will even do anything for you.

I have been in the Freelancing business for almost 3 years now, and have already established myself as a trusted seller in the marketplace.

I put in efforts to see the kind of results that I see.

But if you are ready to put in efforts to see results, you will do well at it and maybe do better than me.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Here Is How The Freelancing Business Works

Now I’ve already explained a lot about freelancing earlier, but In case you don’t fully understand this business I will make it clearer.

You need to have a skill that clients and business can pay you for, preferably skills that you can offer online.

There are hundreds of skills someone can quickly learn by doing a search on google such as Writing, graphics design, Programming, Video Editing, Voice overs, etc.

Some skills are more valuable than others and command higher rates and revenues, and that is one of the things that affect how much people can earn with freelancing.

For example, a tailor can sew a dress in 1 hr and earn just N5000 for doing it while…

A software programmer can make some few repairs to a company’s system and earn N300,000 for that in the same 1hr.

Let me give an example to illustrate how this Freelancing thing works in real life.

Let’s say a guy has a skill of graphics designing and photo editing. 

He creates a profile advertising his services and skills on a freelance platform, and clients come there to find people like him to hire.

Now imagine that one of these clients who is looking for a graphics designer contacts our freelancer guy.

They agree on a price of N180,000 for the whole project and a deadline of 2 weeks to complete it.

After 2 weeks, the whole project has been done.

The client collects the finished graphics and videos while the Freelancer collects his earnings of N180,000.

Pretty straightforward right? Well, that’s how freelancing works.

It’s something you can do as a part-time side hustle sef.

My Own Freelancing Journey Was Similar

I found a valuable skill I could offer to clients and then I set up my profile on a popular freelance platform.

And after some weeks of trial and error, I finally got my first client and made my first sale.

Somebody was actually ready to pay me for my work, and it proved to me that this was something I could do and actually be seeing regular bar from.

Eventually, I started seeing the fruits of my Freelancing business totaling to about N30,000 per month.

With a little bit of tweaking, I managed to increase it to about N80,000 monthly, but I had to work like an elephant round the clock to make that happen.

It was okay, but actually, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

The real alerts started coming in after I learned a few little known BADASS freelance business strategies from an experienced mentor.

You see, what stops most people from running freelancing as a full-time business is because they are not earning enough revenue to fully sustain themselves with it.

And the reason for that is that they do not get enough clients and projects…

Or they get projects but the clients do not want to pay them well for their skills and services.

I had to go through all that too, and it almost made me give up on freelancing as a long term thing. 

But then thanks to the help of an experienced mentor, and a few badass freelance business strategies I learned from him…

I was able to more than double my revenues, reduce my working time, and find better high paying clients… All without working harder.

The Freelance Secret That Doubled My Revenues And Turned Freelancing Into A Full Business For Me

At that time I learned these secret strategies, I was still doing my usual average of N80,000 and I thought I was okay.

But one day I came across another Freelancer online who was doing over N672,500 in revenue from the same Freelancing business.

Habaa…. N80,000 and N672,500 are not mates at all.

I realized that I had not even started and that there was still a lot I could learn.

So immediately I contacted the guy to find out how he was doing it and to find a way to get his crazy freelance strategies from him.

Getting this was not cheap at all mind you. But it was soooo worth it.

After implementing some of the freelance strategies that he gave me, my revenues started increasing like wildfire.

When before I would be working round the clock, every day just to get that N80,000 or less, I was now doing over N250,000 in orders…

And taking only 2 or 3 jobs that I could finish in a week and I would have the rest of the month to myself as free time.

Now as a freelancer I have worked with clients all over the world and made many meaningful business connections with amazing people.

I have made myself into an international citizen that earns money in foreign currency and has contacts with businesses all over the world.

And there is nothing really special about me. I just put in the effort.

Honestly, It is something that almost anybody can do if they are serious.

Want To Get Started With Freelancing? Here’s How To Do It The Right Way…

At this point, I’m sure you understand what Freelancing is about, and how to go about it.

If you don’t. Don’t worry try reading this article again and you will.

If you made it all the way here, you probably feel that Freelancing is something you can do and you want to get started.

Well, when people ask me how I started with anything, I always like to recommend them to experienced teachers with proven systems that WORK.

And speaking of an experienced teacher with a proven system, I would like to introduce you to Uche Nick, the guy whose teachings were responsible for my Freelancing success.

Uche Nick is fondly known as the Grand Commander of Freelancing in Nigeria, and that is because he is very successful in the freelancing game…

And he also has an effective system for teaching others how to do it too.

Mr Uche Nick has a unique 3- Step Freelancing Method that he uses to earn maximum revenue from freelancing without working as hard as an elephant.

I found out that he had recently put together a course on his own Unique 3- Step Freelancing method and released it to the public.

Now I advised him not to do this, so that too many people will not get their hands on his techniques, and come and start crowding the Nigerian freelancer marketplace.

But he is a nice guy, and so he still went on ahead to create it. But he made sure that access to it was going to be limited.

He also put together a short business presentation that you can check out to find out more about his 3-Step Freelancer Method and his course.

You can check it out here.

But you will need to SUBSCRIBE TO GET ACCESS TO IT.

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